TC-C320 Multiphase compressor

Medium size rotary vane device for demanding compressor duty

The TC-C320 compressor is capable of handling high liquid fractions, and is also very robust towards variations in fluid quality and process parameters.

This makes it well suited for compression of two-phase fluids, or gases with variable liquid content, without the need for upstream liquid extraction equipment .

Tocircle compressors are ideal for high-temperature heat pumps, as two-phase compression makes it possible to avoid superheating the working fluid, as well as for a broad range of applications where upstream gas treatment is not desirable or not possible.

Technical Data
Machine typeMultiphase compressor
Volumetric inlet capacity320 l/s
Nominal rotational velocity1000 rpm
Max. volumetric ratio1:3.5
Max. discharge pressure12 barg
Sizelength 960mm x diam. 620mm
Weight1100 kg
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