Direct Steam Expansion

In electric power generation applications by Direct Steam Expansion (DSE), the compact design of the Tocircle expander, and its ability to directly drive an electrical generator allows for a small footprint as well as for easy operation and maintenance.

Steam expansion through turbines has been the most common method for creating rotation, power and thus electricity. Throughout the “mechanical age” electricity has been created by feeding superheated steam through a turbine, inducing rotation that subsequently produces electricity by way of a generator. Billions have been invested in turbine optimizing research, and efficiency has indeed improved over time. Still, one large challenge remains: turbines require that the steam does not contain liquids of any significance as this ruptures the technology.

Tocircle’s multi-phase expander can handle any mix of gas and liquid through the expansion. This allows for significant simplification and reduced investments when designing expansion applications.

In place of a pressure reduction valve, the expander may also generate power from excess steam pressure in common industrial processes.

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