Which of these megatrends are important to you?

  • Global energy demands are outpacing supply
  • Electricity is the fastest growing end-user energy source
  • Increasing energy costs and climate change have led to political  willingness to take action
  • Through recycling energy, costs will be cut while pollution is reduced

Expansion through turbines has been the most common way of creating rotation, power and electricity. Throughout the “mechanical age” most electricity is created by feeding superheated steam through a turbine , creating rotation that subsequently produces electricity in a generator. Billions have been invested in research for optimizing turbines, and efficiency has improved over time. Still, one large challenge remains; turbines require that the gas / steam does not contain liquid of any significance as this ruptures the technology.

Tocircle has developed a multi-phase expander which can handle any mix of gas and liquid through the expansion. This provides significant simplification and reduced investments when designing expansion applications. Tocircle has developed a direct steam expansion application with significant improvement in efficiency.