Compressors, expanders, turbines

Explore how Tocircle machines can improve your application’s performace

Key features

  • High volume rotary vane device
  • Multiphase machine: handles a wide range of gas/liquid mixes
  • High pressure capability
  • Positive displacement design
  • High energy efficiency
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Wide rotary speed range


Tocircle Industries holds patents in 61 countries including EU, America, Brazil, Russia, India and China.

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Patented (61)

The Tocircle machine

Controlled rotary vane technology opens the way to multiple application areas

Tocircle Industries has developed a mechanical rotating device that can be designed to work as a pump, a multiphase compressor, an expander or turbine, or even as a motor. Its operating principle is similar to a rotary vane machine in which the vane tip distance from the outer casing is minutely controlled by an internal mechanical arrangement. This feature makes it possible to scale up the machine to significantly larger dimensions than conventional rotary vane devices.

A distinguishing feature of the Tocircle principle is that all the machine’s mechanical parts describe a circular movement in the same direction, which greatly reduces noise and vibration normally caused by reciprocating components.

The Tocircle machine is the result of a simple idea based on a new geometric principle. Tocircle Industries owns worldwide patents to this technology which can be used for engines, pumps, expanders, turbines and compressors in a wide variety of applications.